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All About Apex Legends Rampart: Background, Abilities, and Badges Boosting

Everything We Know About Rampart, Apex Legends Season 6

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game, in which players can choose powerful characters, or Legends to play as. The game’s sixth season was released on August 18th, and plenty of new features were added – including a new Legend. This new character, Rampart, adds an engaging playstyle to the mix. Read on to learn about Rampart’s background and tactical abilities.

Who Is Rampart?

Season 6’s new Legend, Rampart, is an incredibly capable modder who is a great choice for players who prefer supportive and defensive Apex Legends characters. According to Rampart’s biography, she owned a weapon modding shop, which was burned down by assailants. She was left with a card inviting her to the Apex Games, which she accepted.

Rampart is a Defensive Legend that can be unlocked with either 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. She can provide additional cover to her teammates, who can also use her minigun, Sheila, which does huge amounts of damage. Rampart also comes in handy during one-on-one fights, due to her large magazine capacity and her brief reload times.

Rampart Abilities

Rampart’s tactical ability is Amped Cover, which allows her to deploy an amped wall that fully blocks incoming bullets. What’s more, shots that your team fires through the barrier are 20% stronger! Rampart’s passive ability is Modded Loader, which increases her magazine size by 15%. The passive also decreased Rampart’s reload time by about 25%. 

Lastly, her ultimate ability is Emplaced Minigun. Rampart can use her ultimate ability to place a mounted gun, named Sheila, down – and then any of her teammates can use it. It has a huge ammo capacity and does loads of damage. However, the gun has health and will break after 360 damage is dealt.

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