Premium Season 16 Solo & Duo Boosting
Nicocococococo (skill rating boost)
rank 2400 to 3000
Ordered a solo boost from 2400 to 3000. Completed in 9 hours. Nothing bad happened to my account!

Very patient, very accommodating. Patiently explained the prices without feeling frustrated even though i had a lot of questions.
sanrun (skill rating boost)
rank 1987 to 2700
Very good service, fast boost.
And in addition I had +150 sr
GUYFRANK (skill rating boost)
Used this service for around 300 SR. They are extremely quick and very friendly. The prices are great too! I would highly recommend this service to any player.
GumCuzzler (skill rating boost)
rank 1979 to 3000
It was super helpful and I totally recommend this service
kiki001 (skill rating boost)
rank 2400 to 2500
Very very pro .
Order a duo queue 2400 - 2500 and it was done in less a hour .
Very fast respond and very cheap for the service .
Recommend 10/10 ^^ .
bobawow (placement matches)
8 games
I highly recommend these guys !

I ordered 8 placement matches (I already played 2).
Got Rank 2976 - they won all the 8 games.
Then ordered a boost to get up to 3000+ and got to Rank 3091.

Quick reply, very nice and professional, and job done as advertised. They were really fast, it took even less time than what was announced.
R000T (skill rating boost)
rank 2400 to 3200
Fast & Legit +Rep
& Give me a discount

Boosted from 2400 to 3200
kiki001 (skill rating boost)
rank 2400 to 2500 duo
Very very pro .
Order a duo queue 2400 - 2500 and it was done in less a hour .
Very fast respond and very cheap for the service .
Recommend 10/10 ^^ .
Dufrain (skill rating boost)
rank 3621 to 4000
Very satisfied customer here
ponreset (skill rating boost)
Honestly and safety 100% Confirm .
Because I pay to boost but wrong pay and him pay it back .
And next time I will buy again.
Recommend 10/10
jas88 (skill rating boost)
rank 2750 to 3000
These guys are legit, very friendly and quick! only took a few hours to get to 3000SR
sayurichick (skill rating boost)
rank 2500 to 3100
will vouch. he got me to 3170 while I slept.
pretty good price too.
Gankstaseany (skill rating boost)
Amazing job, exceptionally fast. Made 2 orders, both were done very quickly!! Will certainly order again!

cotitin (skill rating boost)
ok, he very fast in respond very polite, bought some SR last night wake up and its done.

Would buy from him again, I suggest if you want fast level or SR buy from him.
OKgab (skill rating boost)
rank 3066 to 3650
Boosted to within 12hrs, was courteous and easy to deal with. recommend +
Visovari (placement matches)
Late to post this, apologies!

Placed the order with these guys to level up and do placements, completed over 3 days, even with me disconnecting them on the last day by accident still placed me with 3400.

Would not hesitate to deal with again.
DemonFraze (placement matches)
Purchased placements (10/10 wins) nice and quick - good communication.

facou (skill rating boost)
Fast and the best for me see you soon bro
reversecowgirl (skill rating boost)
rank 1700 to 2500
Contacted and purchased 1700-2500 solo.

Very friendly on skype, will update when finished.


Finished in 10 hours, really fast. Would definitely recommend 10/10
pamanPMC (placement matches)
I'm little bit late to this feedback, sorry for that. But I have bought boost from him couple of times, placements and then later some SR. Both times time from paying to them starting the boost was under 5minutes and done in couple hours. Placements were 9 wins 1 draw, very please with that. He has always been nice and very fast to respond. If you are in need of boost, get it from this guy.

Thank you!