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If you want to enhance your gaming experience in Valorant, Apex Legends, or Overwatch 2, you can do so with the help of OverBoost’s expert boosters. With over 7 years on the boosting market and nearly 15000 satisfied customers, we are equipped to help you quickly achieve your gaming goals.

Our key principles
Our Mission

At OverBoost, our mission is to help players gain more experience and rise through the ranks with the help of our expert players. Think of it this way – when you want to rise through martial arts ranks, it is in your best interest to go head-to-head against professionals. Similarly, in the gaming world, to learn and ascend efficiently, you must learn from the best of the best. When taking advice and help from strong players, progress will be speedy – but you will also retain valuable information. At OverBoost, we don’t just help players who want to reap rewards (although this is fine too). If you want to really become a better player and learn new strategies from our pro players, we have you covered.

Our Goals

As a customer-centric company, our first and foremost goal is to provide a satisfactory and safe experience for every single client. We constantly strive to improve the services we offer, provide an intuitive website experience, and increase account security and privacy measures. Throughout 2022, we have been taking huge strides towards accomplishing our goals. For instance, we have introduced new games to our lineup, in addition to making our website more user-friendly overall.

Our Services

If you want an expert player to help you achieve your Apex, Overwatch or Valorant gaming goals, you have two options.


With a boost, an expert gamer will play alongside you or in your stead. With the help of their skills, you will be able to increase your win counts, rise through the ranks, level up, earn badges, and more. Boosting will help you have a more well-rounded account, which can boost your gameplay experience in many ways – and your stats may strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.


If you prefer to receive lessons regarding your game of choice, sign up for a coaching class with our top players. Before your first lesson, you will record yourself playing a match. Your coach will analyze the recording so they can see exactly where you can improve. You’ll communicate with them via Discord, and they will impart their top strategies and techniques. Whether you just try out one lesson or sign up for multiple classes, you will be able to quickly and effectively boost your gaming skills.

Our Key Principles

Our first key principle is to only hire players who are truly passionate about gaming. They don’t just do this for money – gaming is a lifestyle for them! Since our expert boosters are gamers before anything else, they will be able to communicate with you on your level. Another key principle of ours is to craft the best service so that every customer can get their money’s worth. We understand that you are investing your money and time in us, so we will do our utmost to provide a secure, speedy, and high-quality service.

Our Story

2016 – The creation of OverBoost.At the time, the service administrator was actually a booster and provided services for games like Hearthstone and Overwatch. During his boosting days, the administrator realized that there were far too many companies out there that offered sub-par services. Such companies employed boosters that did not truly understand the mechanics of various games. So, he created a service that only used the best boosters in order to meet customers’ high standards.

2018 – 4500 customersAt this point, was really starting to get on the boosting market radar.

2019 – Personal account system and Apex serviceWhen this feature was added, customers became able to chat with boosters and monitor the progress of their orders. Besides this, registered customers also received automatic discounts on boosts. In March of 2019, began to offer Apex services, which was very popular from the get-go.

2020 – Expansion.OverBoost is expanding its line of games and updating the site for the convenience of customers. Now, the site has served nearly 8,000 customers.

2022 – Improvement.Currently, we have more than 10000 customers, and we are trying to rapidly increase their number. And we are also improving our services by making them more convenient.

2023 – Skyrocket.15000 completed orders. We plan to launch boosting services for CS2 and Diablo 4.

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