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How we manage your safety

About Apex Legends Boosting Service

Buy Apex Legends Boosting and achieve your desired goals within the game. Our Apex boosting services include popular options such as rank boosting, badge unlocks, kills farm, and personal coaching. Our team of professional Apex boosters specializes in providing these services with expertise, professionalism, and speed, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience for players all over the world.

Do you wish to rank up all the way to Apex Predator? What about unlocking the badge Legend’s Wrath IV, which requires you to amass 4000 damage in a single game? We’ve got all of these covered for you!

Apex Boosting from our service offers the best solutions for playing the game effortlessly.

Apex Legends Boosting
How We Ensure Your Safety

We are fully committed to ensuring your account’s safety while purchasing any of our services, and have taken all the necessary precautions in order to maximize its security. With us, you can be assured of:


To protect our good name, we strictly prohibit malicious malware and cheating programs that provide unfair gameplay advantages in Apex Legends. When you trust our established team of professional gamers, your account will definitely be safe from any potential bans in the game.


As your Apex Legends Booster provider, we ensure that no personal information or data shared with us will be given to third parties. We believe that your personal data is highly sensitive in today’s modern era and that all business activities between us should be kept strictly confidential and hidden from other prying eyes.


Our services gives you complete control to review your account during the boosting process. You will have real-time data and information on how your in-game account statistics are progressing, as well as instant access to your own private chat with our team any time during the day.


By choosing our services, we uphold our stand in ensuring the utmost security of your profile by installing a dedicated SSL protocol, protecting every chat, order and payment data from being intercepted by any unwanted third-parties.


Apex Boosting by OverBoost uses pre-configured VPN settings to simulate your country's IP address, protecting you from bans.

Important Points About Apex Boosting

Is Boosting Bannable in Apex Legends?

Yes, it can be bannable if you hire cheap boosters on forums or discord channels that play with hacks, teaming, or DDoS servers. But our Apex Legends boosting services are safe and professional, avoiding illegal gameplay exploits and forbidden third-party software. We wholly depend on our team of expert boosters who play 100% legit.

How Does Apex Boosting Work?

Our boosting starts after you place an order. You can also opt for a live stream option, which allows you to watch your boosters' progress in real-time. If you wish to play, you can also choose to play the game with one of our professionals, who will help you achieve your desired order.

How Long Will My Order Take to Complete?

On average, we estimate the amount of time required for normal orders to be completed is around 5 – 9 hours. You can always monitor the current progress of your boosts by logging into your account or chat with our friendly live assistant that is always available.

Apex Legends Boost Prices

At OverBoost, we diligently monitor our prices to come up with the best packages for you! As gamers ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a balance between charging a favourable fee and not compromising your enjoyment of the game. Apex Legends Boosting like ours is unmatched in the market for affordability and quality. We put your priorities first while charging competitively for our dedicated hard work.

Our Apex Legends Boosting Services

Apex Rank Boost

Power ranking your way through all the tiers up to Apex Predator is no easy feat. It requires unflinching dedication, persistence, patience, and even a sliver of luck to reach the top. In order to help you out, we are able to bolster your ranks by playing for you, or even alongside you together with our committed team of professional players.

Apex Badge Boost

Are you striving to unlock all those dreaded Legend Badges? Getting those indomitable killing streaks and amassing thousands of damages in a single game can prove very difficult for most casual Apex players. Apex Badge Boosting can unlock all those glorious badges for you quickly!

Apex Kill Boost

In Apex Legends, your Kill/Death ratio defines the type of player you are in the game. If you are looking at a negative K/D count, that means you are more likely to die repeatedly in a match instead of getting those headshots and team kills. In Ranked play, most players would avoid you if you have a very bad K/D score to ensure that they have the best chances of winning the match. To avoid this, let us help you improve that K/D count for just a small fee in return.

Apex Win Boosting

By opting for Apex Legends win boosting, our workers will play on your behalf to win matches. If you wish to experience the thrill first-hand, you can also play in a team with our professional boosters to learn new tips and tricks while also notching in the points!

Apex Level Boost

By acquiring in-game experience in Apex Legends, you continue to progress through levels that reward you with many points, currencies, and tokens. As this will undoubtedly require substantial amounts of time and grind, we can help you lvl up much quicker by having a dedicated team focus on your account’s leveling progress.

Customized Boost Order

Suppose you are having difficulties on multiple fronts in Apex Legends. In that case, we also provide you with plenty of customization options for you to mix and match your order types accordingly, allowing you the flexibility to decide which boost type requires the most attention than others.

Our Apex Legends Boosting Platform

Our innovative boost Apex platform is specifically designed to cater to all Apex Legends players, no matter which gaming console you’re coming from. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dedicated PS4 player, hardcore PS5 gamer, die-hard Xbox fan, or a passionate PC user. Apex Legends Boost is available through OverBoost, providing a convenient and user-friendly purchase process. The level of customization orders and tracking systems in place are just a fraction of how robust our service really is.

Our Apex Legends Boosters

In, our team of legendary gamers prides themselves as boosters who help you improve in Apex Legends. Our pro Apex Legend team currently consists of 13 active Boosters, each very capable of duking it out in Apex Predator rank at a moment’s notice. With plenty of competitive online gaming experiences under their belt, their profound skills and talents are what drive to where we are now. We carefully select our chosen candidates based on their proven track record, unlockable achievements, personal background, and even tournament success. Once selected, they will still undergo extensive practical tests and challenges to truly prepare them for the days ahead as a real part of our team.

  • Age: 23
  • Language: ENG
  • Platform: PC
  • With us: 1257 days
  • Completed orders: 392
  • Age: 25
  • Language: ENG
  • Platform: PS, XBOX
  • With us: 1362 days
  • Completed orders: 392
  • Age: 25
  • Language: ENG
  • Platform: PC, XBOX
  • With us: 481 days
  • Completed orders: 225
Steps for Ordering
You will be eligible for awesome discounts and event offers throughout the year by registering an account! You are still able to buy without registering it but will miss out on plenty of amazing deals not found anywhere else.
Select your desired boosting type, and proceed to fill out the respective form completely. Here, you will be able to specify the required criteria of your purchases, such as streaming the order process live, opting for only one Legend, or playing the game in a group together with our professional players.
Proceed to check-out with the purchase of your orders. The system will redirect you to a secure landing page that provides an overview of all your boosted purchases. You will also be able to chat with our designated booster if needed and send over any other queries to our dedicated customer support service too.
The expected time for the order to begin processing is around 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the boost ordered. The responsible booster will contact you once your order is placed, notifying you of any relevant issues if need be.
After the successful completion of your order, you will be able to review our services accordingly or leave a wonderful thanks to a particular employee. We are always eager to listen to your feedback as our esteemed customer.
About OverBoost

OverBoost has been a gaming service provider since 2016, and we have successfully completed more than 15000 customer boosted orders to date. These are all openly available for you to view in the feedback and review section, where we boast full-star service reviews from our loyal customer base.

After more than 7 years in the industry, we can complete various demands for our respected customers, besides providing top-class service and fulfillment to you. Our delightful team of dedicated members has been carefully chosen based on specific traits and background, enabling us to provide the best for you without any possibility of failed requests, unreliable players, or any cheating attempts at improving your account.

OverBoost Loyalty Program

Our the best service features a rewarding loyalty program, offering a 10% permanent discount for all customers as a token of our appreciation. In addition, registered users can benefit from our cashback system, which provides a 3% to 15% cashback on purchases. Moreover, we periodically run promotional campaigns where customers can obtain coupons for even greater discounts, surpassing the standard 10% off. Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities to save while enjoying our top notch services.

Why We Are The Best Apex Boosting On the Market?
  • 100% Anonymity

    Our belief in anonymity is proven by which we do not respond to any in-game messages or invitations from your friends during the order process. Our workers are extremely focused on their tasks and will not tamper with your account in any way at all.

  • Quick Start

    On average, your orders will automatically start processing within the next 15 – 30 minutes after check-out. Don’t bother wasting your time waiting!

  • Respected Company

    We offer many different types of Apex Legends Carry services! In Apex alone, we provide solutions for your rank boost, badge, leveling boosts, and others too. We are also specialized in Overwatch and Valorant as well, which exemplify our encompassing level of professional play throughout diverse games.

  • VPN Protection

    Our VPN configurations will mimic the IP address of the client’s country, protecting them from unnecessary bans and in-game restrictions.

  • Chat with the Booster

    You will instantly be able to chat with your booster, who is responsible for managing your orders accordingly. Here, you can always ask anything about the current progress of the boost at hand or even just send a friendly note or wish luck.

  • Custom Order Available

    You are also able to customize your own orders if you wish to make certain demands and requests, which we will do our best to complete.

  • Accessibility

    We are also very responsive to email queries, Discord messages, and Skype prompts to ensure optimum customer satisfaction!

  • 100% Money back guarantee

    Your orders will be completed no matter what! If not, a 100% refund will be given back to you to prove our commitment to the work requested.

What our clients say


Really the best boost site! Started in 10 minutes..from plat 2 to diamonds 4 in 2 hours...with 2 4k booster was the n.1 I meet... if u want the best ask for inaku


EDW is amazing! Gets the job done and is very friendly


requlem has done multiple boosts for me hes the man!!!


MEXXX unlocked my 4k badge in the first game. Tysm!


This Apex rank boost is the fastest and with the friendliest team I've ever joined!


I was sceptical about the service at first, but everything went smoothly. The booster completed the badges on the 4th game with a stream. Incredible performance!


Great service, recommend!


Very quick and great communication with my booster


Fast and efficient. That's all I need to say. My booster was amazing. Very reasonably priced compared to other boosting websites.


First time using overboost and it was great. The person helping me was really nice too!

Why Should I Buy a Boost?
Competitive Teammates
After our pro's have completed their tasks to rank you up higher into the top-tiers of Ranked Leagues, you can easily find yourself partnered with other master players of the game, improving your overall playing style as a whole too.
Increased Kill Counts
Your K/D ratio is an extremely important identifier for other competitive players in Apex Legends. If you boast a very high K/D count, then other skilled players will undoubtedly wish to team up with you, too, for any Ranked match.
Rare and Exclusive Badges
Unlock those extremely difficult Badges that you can use to portray throughout matches, emphasizing your status as a pro player in Apex Legends!
Guaranteed Wins
It hurts to be on the losing side. With boosts, you will always be on the winning team instead, as you ally yourself with the best players in the game to demolish your opponents unrelentingly.
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Our Advantages

As a leading service provider, we strive to protect our reputation and esteemed customer base by continuously meeting all our clients’ demands and orders. With more than 7 years under our belt, our team of dedicated personnel and established platform ensures nothing but the best results for you. Our 100% refund policy is evidence of this, as we are committed to staying true to our words and goals. You are our utmost priority, and we will fight tooth and nail to make sure your orders are always completed on time!

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play First-Person Battle Royale game that pits Legends against each other on a specific map. With a plethora of unique Legends and weapon styles on tow, each experience is sure to be different every time you launch the game, be it solo or with friends. If you are among those who strive for competitive tournaments and achievements, Apex Legends’ distinct Ranked Leagues provide you with sufficient challenges for you to truly test your shooting skills out against other top players in a Battle Royale format.

OverBoost is definitely your trusted source of gaming services in the market today. If you have any trouble finding your way around, don’t be shy to communicate via our online support chat - or contact us via the Contacts section available. We are always available to speak with you. If you are still doubtful about our services, you can definitely read through some of our best customer reviews and feedback to ascertain our reputable work.

Apex Boosting FAQ

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the service
An experienced player, who has extensive expertise and well-mastered skills, fulfills the task. We always test all the candidates to choose the best ones.
Each service is set at a pre-determined price, which fluctuates according to in-game ranks, order size, and difficulty of the tasks. We uphold the belief that customers should be provided with fair prices in the market.
A full refund is available for any order which we haven’t already started to work on. Those that have been placed under operation can be subject to a partial refund. The exact amount correlates with the working progress.
Yes, you can. In the order window, you can pause your current order. If you require more assistance, be sure to contact our customer support service, which will help you with any further problems.