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I’m a rank 3 peak on ow1 been atleast top 50 every season since Overwatch came out I’ve also peaked rank3 on ow2 I’m controller and can play practically every hero to a high standard I’ve also been boosting for multiple years

  • Age: 20
  • Language: ENG
  • Platform: XBOX
  • With us: 615 days
  • Completed orders: 42

What customers say about Batty

Rank Boost
Gold 3 to Diamond 1
Just had an order finish and this is a legit service. Great communication, quick delivery, and they go above and beyond. BATTY is the GOAT
Rank Boost
Diamond 4 to Diamond 3
One of the best! Always coming back for more!
Win Boost
7 wins
Very fast and skillful! Will be getting more services from again