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KKKKK - Booster

  • Age: 27
  • Language: ENG
  • Platform: PC
  • With us: 1701 day
  • Completed orders: 37

What customers say about KKKKK

Rank Boost
Platinum 5 to Diamond 5
KKKKK was fast and friendly, would highly recommend.
Rank Boost
Platinum 4 to Platinum 2
Very fast and happy with the purchase
Win Boost
4 wins
Top KKKKKKKKK, tx so much for take me diamond 4 in a few hiurs
Rank Boost
Bronze 5 to Bronze 3
Very fast and efficient! Did so well actually got me a rank higher than I requested :).
Rank Boost
Gold 2 to Diamond 5
would highly recomend KKKKK he was very kind and got the job done quick.
Rank Boost
Diamond 3 to Master 5
Second time coming back just for this booster. Amazing work all around 10/10
Rank Boost
Platinum 3 to Diamond 4
Extremely friendly and one of the most skilled players I have encountered. I genuinely felt like I was talking to a friend and specifically plan on getting another boost specifically from him. 10/10
Rank Boost
Silver 1 to Gold 4
Fantastic service! The booster KKKKK took the job within an hour even though I didn't pay for priority and had completed the boosting by the end of the day. Very responsive and friendly too!