Booster Misery

  • Age: 20
  • Language: ENG
  • Platform: PC
  • With us: 1226 days
  • Completed orders: 167

About me

Hello, my name is Misery. I am 20 years old. I've been playing since the release of Overwatch 1 and my peak rating is 4556 and top 20 in Overwatch 2. My main role is support, but I also can play at a pretty high level on other roles. My best qualities are communication skills, responsiveness, punctuality, patience and reliability. I will be glad to help you! :)

What customers say about Misery

Placement matches
5 games
Skipped ranks like it's nothing. Holy moly.
Rank Boost
Diamond 5 to Master 4
Quick and reliable to get me to m4
Rank Boost
Gold 1 to Platinum 2
Amazing work, really quick and really kind. I enjoyed our conversation <3 thank you so very much!
Rank Boost
Platinum 5 to Platinum 4
Misery great booster! Tx for all <3
Rank Boost
Silver 1 to Platinum 5
Quick high quality service I would recommend
Rank Boost
Gold 4 to Platinum 5
Excellent work they went above and beyond
Rank Boost
Grandmaster 4 to Grandmaster 3
Best healer! What an easy division boost.
Placement matches
7 games
fast and smooth, friendly and understanding. 100% would do it again.
Rank Boost
Master 1 to Grandmaster 4
Best support boost yet. only took a 2 hours to get GM
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