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Hi, I'm SL but you can call me Slen^^ I started to play overwatch since open beta on all roles. Used to play high tier scrims as flex-dps versus contenders players(some of them made it into league later) and almost made it in contenders trials with a fresh team before I start boosting/coaching in 2019. I peaked 4440 / 4480 (top 50 eu) / 4400 on tank, dps and supp. Had done more than 600 orders up to 4400sr in past years working part time :)

  • Age: 27
  • Language: ENG
  • Platform: PC
  • With us: 1530 days
  • Completed orders: 140

What customers say about SL

Rank Boost
Gold 3 to Platinum 1
incredible service. He went beyond and more. 100% would recommend.
Rank Boost
Gold 1 to Platinum 5
Top! Fast and safe, SL great booster!
Placement matches
7 games
Fast, good and Information during the process. 5 stars.
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