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Get any Apex badges in the shortest time by professional extra skilled Apex boosters

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Assassin 1
Assassin 2
Assassin 3
Assassin 4
Legend's Wrath 1
Legend's Wrath 2
Legend's Wrath 3
Legend's Wrath 4
Team Work 1
Team Work 2
Team Work 3
Team Work 4
Squad Wipe
Fully Kitted
Well Rounded
Legend's Wake
Group Theatrics 1
Group Theatrics 2
Group Theatrics 3
Long Shot
Master Of All
No Witnesses
Apex Predator
Double Duty
Flawless Victory 1
Flawless Victory 2
Headshot Hotshot
Hot Streak
No One Left Behind
Rapid Elimination
Reinforcement Recall
Shot Caller
The Legacy Continues
Triple Triple
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Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wrath 1

Awesome work. 100% legit

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wrath 4, Legend's Wake

Hammer went above and beyond the 20 and 4k, quick and easy. The hammer delivers no problem. Thank you.

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wrath 4, Legend's Wake

You guys did amazing job once again!!

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wrath 4, Legend's Wake

20k/4k done within a few hours. Great service.

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wake

Amazing service. Managed to achieve in 1 hour what I could not in 2 years of gameplay. Hammer, you the man!

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wake, Legend's Wrath 4

perfect service

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wrath 3


Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wake

perfect service as always

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wake

Good communication and super quick

Apex Legends
Badges: Legend's Wrath 4, Legend's Wake

Быстро, круто и главное оно стоит своих денег...)


About Apex Legends Badge Boost Service

Apex Legends has a wide variety of unlockable achievement badges that you can use to customize your banner. Other players will be able to see your sweet badges in the pre-match sequences and in the arenas. Badges do the talking for you, showing other players that you are a formidable Legend.

There’s no doubt about it, having a wide variety of achievement badges can make playing Apex Legends much more fun. However, farming badges is a long, painstaking process that you may not have time for.

If this is the case, then you should consider purchasing an Apex Legends badge boost. With the help of an expert player, or booster, you will unlock your desired achievement.

Why should i buy an Achievement Boost

Some of the achievements are not too difficult to earn, but others - such as Pathfinder’s Wake, which requires 20 kills in one game – could require hundreds of hours of practice and many failures. If you are a game completionist, we can carry you to your goal very quickly! You will save time, as well as reducing stress. Sit back, and you’ll be able to decorate your banner with any badge you’d like in no time!

Why Would You Choose Overboost.pro?

Even though there are many boosting services available, Overboost.pro shines above its competition. Here are some advantages that our service has over the rest of the market:

Trusted Company:

You won’t have to worry about handing your money over to a scammy website. Over the past three years, Overboost.pro has fulfilled over 7500 orders! Not only do we have the necessary experience to provide stellar service, but we also have glowing testimonials to back us up. Check out our huge assortment of reviews!

Secure Data:

We prioritize every customer’s safety and privacy. Therefore, each order is 100% anonymous. Your account details are protected via 256-bit encryption. What’s more, our boosters do not respond to any messages or friend invitations they receive while fulfilling boosts.

Speedy Service:

Overboost.pro begins working on 90% of orders within 15 minutes. We can carry you to your desired Apex Legends goals very quickly!

Expert Boosters:

Every single one of our pro players is tested thoroughly to assess their skills. We pick only the best players!

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About Apex Legends Badges & Achievements

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, Battle Royale game that is available on PS4, Xbox, and PC. There are several characters, also known as Legends, that you can choose to play as. Each Legend has a distinctive personality and engaging abilities. You will be teamed up in a squad and dropped into a battle arena. Teams will hunt each other down and battle until only one squad remains!

Throughout the gameplay, you might fulfill an achievement that could earn you a badge. For instance, if you down an opponent from over 300 meters away, you will receive a Long Shot badge. There are many badges available, and each Legend also has its own set of earnable badges. You can see the full list here.

Apex Legends Badges FAQ

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Apex badge boosting service:
How much time will it take to get a badge?

It depends on many factors, which badge you need? What the platform? For what legend? And your k/d ratio. But for example 20 kills and 4k dmg badge we usually do within 3-6 hours, but guaranteed time for those are still 24 hours.
It will be done without cheats?
YES of course! It will be done by our professional high rank players!