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Apex Legends Kill boosting

Get any number of kills and increase K/D in the shortest time by professional extra skilled Apex boosters

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    About Apex Legends Kill Boosting

    In many Battle Royale-style video games, your kill count is what sets you apart from other players. Apex Legends is no exception. With an Apex Legends kill boost, you can choose precisely how much your kill count will increase. You can show off your huge amount of kills on your banner and inspire others with your Kills:Deaths ratio.

    Kills boosting is quite simple – all you have to do is tell us how many kills you want to earn. Then, an expert player – also known as a booster – will play on your account. You will have the option to watch their stream as they carry you to your desired kill count. Perhaps you will learn some excellent strategies during the process!

    Why should i buy apex kill boost?

    As mentioned above, your kills will be displayed on your banner for all to see. can help you quickly and easily improve your stats for your chosen Legend. With the help of our services, your kill count will soar while your deaths remain stable.

    How We Ensure Your Safety During Apex Kill Boosting

    No cheats and bans

    Data protection


    Сonfidentiality of information

    Accountable Boosters

    What our clients say


    He is Simply the goat <3


    The best booster on earth & has super great energy highly recommend Face Wraith for everyone! 10000000/10


    Face Wraith is the best and super fun to watch stream 10/10


    Alt pie is a great player and communicated throughout the entire process. Also got to see some cool ways to use Revenant, dude is an absolute beast!


    Best booster damyx ill keep coming back


    Best guy right here got me more than he was supposed to once again highly recommend Damyx


    Quick & easy!


    Service is a fast and good. I would recommend to anyone!


    Great job!


    booster was insane :D couldnt ask for more

    Why would you choose overboostpro?

    With so many Apex kill boosting service providers out there, why would you go with us? Well, to put it simply, we provide the best quality service for our price point. Here is what we have to offer over our competition:

    Highly Skilled Boosters:

    We ensure that our customers will be satisfied with their boosts. To do so, we thoroughly test each prospective booster to make sure that they can carry you to your goals.

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    With over 10000 orders completed, we have fulfilled the dreams of thousands of clients. We have provided boosting services for over 5 years and have received many glowing reviews. Check out our testimonials page for more information!

    Customer Security:

    Rest assured, we prioritize your safety. We protect our customers’ account details via 256-bit account encryption. What’s more, our boosters will not respond to any friend invites or messages you receive.

    Speedy Service:

    In most cases, we start to work on customer orders in 15-30 minutes.

    Why choose us?

    Secure payments

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    About Apex Legends

    Apex Legends is a Battle Royale, a free-to-play game that was released in February 2019. Players can also purchase Battle Passes, which will give them access to exclusive seasonal levels and perks.

    In Apex Legends, you get to choose a Legend to play as. There are several options available, all of whom have their own unique abilities and personalities. You are matched up with a squad and are then dropped into a battle zone. You and your squad will work together to be the last squad standing.

    There are 500 levels available in Apex Legends, as well as an extra 100 made available by purchasing a Battle Pass.