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About Apex Legends Rank Boost Service

Are you currently at a lower rank than you would prefer in Apex Legends? Having a low rank means that you will be paired with and against players who simply aren’t very skilled.
Perhaps you would like to be an Apex Predator, but you don’t have the enormous amount of time it would take you to advance all the way up the ranks.

With Overboost.pro’s Apex Legends ranked boosting service, you will rise to your desired rank quickly and easily with the assistance of a booster. Overboost.pro’s boosters are pro players who can take your stead or play alongside you.

Why should i buy а rank boost?

Our Apex Legends rank boosting service will help you achieve your ranking goals, such as becoming an ultimate Apex Predator. As you progress through the rankings and earn RP, you will be able to compete against more experienced squads and be placed with higher ranking teammates. Overall, this will improve your general gameplay experience.

All you need is a push in the right direction with the assistance of our expert boosters!

Why Would You Choose Overboost.pro?

Our boosts have quite an advantage over the competition. Here are some factors that set our service apart from the rest of the boosting services out there:

Expert Boosters:

We take pride in how skilled each booster is. Each of our pro players must go through a testing process to prove they have what it takes to carry you through the ranks.

Excellent Reputation:

With over 7500 orders completed, and a huge number of stellar reviews, we stand out from our competition. We take pride in our high-quality services.

Easily Accessible:

We offer a variety of ways to get in touch with us – Skype, email, and live chat via our website. Plus, when you order an Apex rank boosting service, you will receive access to a private chat with your assigned booster. You will be able to keep in contact with them as they carry you through the ranks.

We Prioritize Player Safety:

Overboost.pro uses 265-bit encryption to completely protect your account details. If you use our boosts, you won’t have to worry about anybody using your information in an unsavory manner. We offer 100% anonymity for all of our clients.

Why choose us?

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about Apex Legends ranks

Apex Legends is an extremely popular Battle Royale game that is free to play. You can choose which Legend you want to play as and join forces with other players. You will go up against other squads and try to be the last team standing.

Players receive Ranked Points (RP) based on how they place in a match, as well as the number of kills/assists they make. RP is directly given for the placement – for instance, placing in the top 4 will net you 40 RP. That is then multiplied by your kill/assist modifier. The minimum modifier (for 1 kill/assist) is 10 RP. The maximum modifier (for 5 kills/assists) is 25 RP.

Players can spend their RP to advance to the next ranking and to compete in ranked matches. These are the ranks you will have to work through in order to make it to the coveted Apex Predator ranking: