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Apex Legends Prestige Skins Boosting

Upgrade Your Legend's Style With The Help of Our Apex Boosters

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12-24 hours Completion time
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    Unlock Tiers Faster With Apex Legends Prestige Skin Boost

    Apex Legends prestige skin boosting is a service that can help you unlock the 2nd and 3rd tiers for your new Prestige Skin quickly. Our boosters can deal significant damage within a day or two, and you can bypass the grind and immediately start enjoying the game with your newly upgraded skin. Whether you're a fan of Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith, or Valkyrie, our boosting service is here to help you skip boring gameplay experiences.

    Apex Legends Prestige Skins Boost

    How We Ensure Your Safety During Apex Legends Prestige Skins Boosting

    No cheats and bans

    Data protection


    Сonfidentiality of information

    Accountable Boosters

    How It Works

    • 1.

      Select Your Desired Tier: Choose the tier you aim to unlock and specify the amount of damage if you've already made some progress.

    • 2.

      Customize Your Preferences: Select the Legend for whom you want the prestige skin. Opt for the Stream option if you wish to watch the boosting process live.

    • 3.

      Complete Your Order: After finalizing your selections, proceed to checkout. Remember, the path to gaming excellence is just a few clicks away!

    • 4.

      Monitor Your Progress: Our professional boosters get to work once your order is placed. You can track the progress and interact with your booster directly through the order page.

    • 5.

      Revel in Your Unlocked Prestige Skin: Upon completing the boosting process, it's time to enjoy your gameplay with your new, prestigious skin. And remember to leave your honest review!

    What You Will Get

    • Unlocked tier for your desired legend skin
    • A lot of experience for your account and Battle pass level
    • A lot of kills for your account that can improve your k/d
    • During the progress, a booster can unlock some badges
    • Some experience for your weapons


    You must have unlocked a Tier 1 Prestige Skin of the Legend you wish to upgrade.


    1-4 days, depending on your current progression.

    Additional Options Explained

    Stream - Choose this option to watch our booster live stream as he executes your order. A record of the stream is available by request.

    Appear Offline - Opt for this feature to maintain your privacy during boosting.

    Benefits of Using Prestige Skin Boosting Service

    • Expert Boosters
      Our team consists of highly skilled players adept at overcoming the challenges of Apex Legends. They are not just selected for their gaming prowess but also for their ability to communicate effectively and their trustworthiness.
    • Swift Start
      Our team gets to work immediately after placing your order. We understand the value of your time and strive to deliver results as quickly as possible.
    • Guaranteed Results
      With us, you can confidently achieve your desired outcome. Our 100% money-back guarantee ensures that you will receive the service as described.
    • Account Safety Priority
      We prioritize the security of your account above all else. Our boosters use VPNs and appear offline to ensure your account's safety and anonymity.
    • 24/7 Support
      We are always available to assist you. Whether you have a question or need help with your order, our support team is just a message away.
    • High Privacy
      We respect your privacy and adhere to strict protocols to protect your account information. With us, you can be assured of complete confidentiality.