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Apex Legends wins boosting

Get any number of wins in Apex in the shortest time by professional extra skilled Apex players

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1-8 hours Completion time
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    Want to get more wins in Apex Legends faster than everyone else? Well, we at OverBoost are dedicated to winning via our Apex Legends Win Boosting!

    We know that many players are struggling to achieve their desired number of wins on their favorite Legend for a variety of reasons; be it terrible teammates, Trolls, AFK Players or just the simple lack of time to grind those juicy Wins, which are all time-consuming processes. Don’t worry though, no matter what your reasoning is, we’ve got you covered! Our Apex Legends Wins Boosting Service is here to help you attain your desired number of wins in record time.

    Apex Legends Win boosting

    How It Works

    OverBoost’s Apex Legends Wins Boosting process goes as follow:

    • 1.

      Select the amount of Wins: Plain and simple, you just need to select your current Rank and the amount of Wins you require from this Boost.

    • 2.

      Customize your Preferences: Which is where you decide on the Additional Options you’re going with. Take your picks from among Streaming, Self-Play, appearing Offline, and/or specifying Legends.

    • 3.

      Complete Your Order: Almost there! Just fill out the required information, choose your preferred Payment Methods and make the Payment.

    • 4.

      Monitor Your Progress: Our professional team of Boosters get to work as soon as your Order is confirmed. So you can track the Progress and interact with your Booster directly via our user-friendly Order page.

    • 5.

      Enjoy Your New Rank: After your Order is completed, all that’s left is to enjoy the Results! Don’t forget to leave a review either, as your feedback helps us improve a ton.

    What You Will Get

    • Your desired amount of wins
    • Great Stats and K/D/A Ratios
    • Experience for your Account Level
    • Lots of Battle Pass Experience
    • Some Badges might get Achieved during the Win Boost

    Additional Options

    Stream - Wanna watch your Apex Wins Boosting and learn new Techniques in real-time? Well, we can stream your Boost on Twitch or YouTube privately just for you.

    Specific Legends - Got a specific Legend(s) you want played? Our Booster will stick to your selected Legend, unless it's picked by someone else.

    Self Play - Looking to improve your Skills while being Boosted? This Option will allow you to play alongside our Booster via your own account, and the Booster will simply be on your Team. In this route, you don’t need to provide us with your Login Information.

    Appear Offline - None of your friends will be able to see you as Online, because our Booster will always appear Offline/Invisible for no extra cost.

    ETA for Apex Legends Win Boosting

    While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact amount of time, we require approximately 1 hour per 1 Win in Unranked mode. If you require Wins in Ranked Mode, then the higher the Rank, the longer the Boost may take.

    What our clients say


    Simple rapide et efficace






    5 stars review again what ca. I say except that they are the best on the market actually


    I’m always happy with their job ! I have to put a 5 stars review


    5 stars review as always. I really have nothing to say on their work and communication. They are the best so why don’t you try it??!! This is true believe me and try a small order


    As usual ItzRichy is a beast and delivered what I was asking to him in time and with quality. You are my favorite team!

    Benefits of Using OverBoost’s Service

    Gamers began OverBoost’s journey back in 2016. The main goal of this creation was to build up the best Boosting Platform to provide high quality, safe and affordable Boosting to anyone who requires it. As such, we’ve been going for over 7 years! We have already established a reputation of safety, transparency, and efficiency via years of hard work and we intend to keep it up. Want proof? Just check out the thousands of Positive Reviews we’ve garnered! So rest assured that your Account will be in good hands.

    • Money-Back Guarantee
      Yes, our Money-Back Guarantee ensures that you get the Service as described, or receive compensation.
    • Only Verified Players
      Our Boosters are selected based on Skill Level, Communication, Verification and Trustworthiness. They won’t use any Cheats or Bots and all Boosts are done Manually. These Pros come from around the world across major Platforms: PC, XBOX, and PS4.
    • 24/7 Support
      Got a problem? Our Support Team is ready to help you 24/7!
    • Cashback System
      his system earns you 3+% of your Order in OverBoost Coins, depending on your Level in our System. These can be used as Store Credits on everything at and they never expire!
    • VPN Protected Boosting
      When our Pros log in to your Account, they will utilize modern VPN Services to imitate your IP and make it look like you’re the one playing!
    • Identity Protection
      Our Boosters will never talk to your Friends and will always appear Offline to protect your identity and maintain full Anonymity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Apex Legends Wins Boosting?
      To put it simply: Wins Boosting is a fast, affordable, and safe means of winning Apex Legends Matches via the help of Pro Players across all Platforms and Regions. They will either play from your Account or Party up with you to grind those Wins, all with a Money-Back Guarantee.
    • Can I play on my Account with Boosters?
      Yes, you can. If you choose the “Self-Play” option when placing the Order, you can play alongside your Boosters on your own Account. This method requires no Account Sharing.