2K Badge Apex - How to Get It

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends game offers many rewards and achievements, but the most precious of all are the badges. You can find several hundreds of them in the game; however, some types are more precious than the rest. The special 2k damage badge is one such rare reward that is very hard to conquer, and not everyone is capable of gaining it.

If you wish to receive a Legend's Wrath 1 (2k Damage Legend Badge), you have to cause a significant amount of damage in one single match. This task poses a challenge even for the most skilled players. However, it is not that daunting for our professional gamers, who possess enough experience and the right abilities.

Is It Important to Collect Legend’s Wrath 1 (2K Badge)?

In Apex Legends, the Wrath 1 (2k damage) badge demonstrates your skills to your gaming opponents and competitors and shows the profoundness that you gained while playing. Purchasing it will grant you a chance to become one of the best players in the Apex Legend world. That is why it is quite challenging to obtain. It demands all the energy and knowledge to lead a mission and farm an extensive amount of damage. Buy the badge to enjoy receiving respect from others.

What Are the Reasons to Get This Badge?

Your records and skills can be presented via the badges you earned while playing Apex Legends. Other players become more respectful and even are afraid of you when they see the badge. You show them how powerful and trained you are. That levels up your character in the game and gives you more opportunities to show off in front of your Apex Legends rivals.

What Makes It So Hard to Earn Legend’s Wrath 1 (2K Damage Badge) In the Game?

Average players find it very difficult to deal 2000 damage in one single match in order to obtain the treasured legend badge. The mission requires you to reposition quite often and change your course and movements, and choose suitable weapons. These are some of the most significant points to help you gain a badge and employ your best abilities. Run quickly, and do not spend your time static or hiding for a long time. Find a good place to recharge your guns and energy and proceed with your aim. You have to make many kills and grinds to get the desired points for the Legend’s badge.

Another Great and Quick Way to Get Badges

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