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How to get the Teamwork Badge in Apex Legends

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Teamwork Badge is one of the rarest and most prestigious badges in the game. Earning it requires incredible coordination and skill with your squad. In this guide, we'll break down exactly what the Teamwork Badge is and how to unlock the different tiers of it.

What is the Teamwork Badge and Tiers?

Apex Legends Teamwork Badge

The Teamwork Badge is an account badge that tracks how many times your full premade squad achieves a certain number of kills in a match. There are four tiers to it:

  1. Teamwork I - Each squadmate gets 3 kills
  2. Teamwork II - Each squadmate gets 5 kills
  3. Teamwork III - Each squadmate gets 7 kills
  4. Teamwork IV - Each squadmate gets 10 kills

The badges get progressively more impressive in appearance. Teamwork 4 in particular is a flexworthy badge that shows your squad is forces to be reckoned with.

How to Get the Teamwork Badge

Apex legends teamwork badge how to get

The highest tier Teamwork IV badge is affectionately called the "10/10/10" badge by the Apex Legends community. This nickname refers to the herculean requirement of each pre-made squad member getting 10 kills in a single Trios match.

Let those numbers sink in - that's a total of 30 eliminations between your squad, which is just about half the players in an entire Apex Legends lobby. With only 60 players in a Trios match, taking out 30 of them requires ruthlessly hunting down enemies across the map.Getting the 10/10/10 badge is astonishingly difficult. Everything has to perfectly click during that one match with you and your teammates' aim, positioning, movement, and teamwork. Attempting it requires an ultra-aggressive high-risk playstyle most teams aren't comfortable with.

But the rewards are appropriately prestigious for one of Apex's rarest badges. The Teamwork IV badge will strike awe and fear into your opponents. They'll know taking your squad head-on is suicidal. Wear your 10/10/10 badge with pride, and get ready for the influx of friend requests from other top-tier players impressed by your feat.

Tips How To get Teamwork Badge

Apex Legends teamwork badge 10 10 10

Landing Spot Selection

Choosing the right landing spot is crucial for setting your squad up for success. You want to land in a high traffic area where you can get into fights and rack up kills quickly. Here are some of the best places to consider dropping:

  • Skull Town - High risk, high reward. Skull Town sees a ton of action, especially at the start of matches. If you can wipe a few squads here early, you'll be well on your way to 10 kills each. Just be ready for chaotic, close-quarters combat.
  • The Hot Zone - Wherever the Hot Zone is located that match, expect a frenzy of activity. Multiple teams will drop in for a chance at the high-tier loot. Win the initial looting/fighting and your squad will gain a big advantage.
  • Supply Ship - Only attempt this if you're feeling brave. The supply ship is a bloodbath, but offers a chance for early kills if you can clean house. Be ready to deal with third parties.
  • Busy Map Rooms - Sites like Fragment East/West, Estates, and Labs often have multiple teams contesting them. Win these pivotal areas and you control the flow of the map.

The key is to drop somewhere you feel confident winning the initial skirmishes so your squad can build momentum. Avoid slow drops unless you want to struggle for late game kills.

Efficient Looting

You need decent gear to win fights, but don't waste time obsessively looting. Only grab necessities like shields, health, and ammo then get back to hunting. Here are some looting tips:

  • Know what you need before opening loot boxes. Grab those items first.
  • Prioritize shields over perfect guns. You can't shoot without shields.
  • Only loot deathboxes briefly mid-fight for shields or ammo. Leave the rest.
  • Use Loba's Black Market Boutique if possible. Pull the gear you require quickly.
  • Ping useful items for your squad if you can't carry them. Share the wealth.
  • Don't hoard! Drop ammo, attachments, etc for teammates if needed.

Avoid getting bogged down in inventory management. Loot efficiently so you can maintain an aggressive, mobile playstyle.

Picking Fights Intelligently

Charging recklessly toward every gunshot is unwise, even in pursuit of kills. You must still make smart decisions about when to take fights.

  • Analyze the situation first - Do you have the advantage in numbers, positioning, cover? Or should you reposition and approach carefully?
  • Isolate opponents - Focus fire to knock enemies one by one, rather than spreading damage. This will get you kills, not just damage.
  • Don't overextend - Getting greedy for knocks can overexpose you. Know your limits.
  • Use abilities - Your squad's abilities should be complementary. Combine them to win fights decisively.
  • When you have the advantage, push hard! Knock them fast so you can move to the next fight.

Carefully chosen fights where you dictate favorable conditions will yield more kills and fewer deaths. Play smart, not just aggressively.

"Farming" Kills

If your squad is still short on kills by mid-late game, you may need to "farm" kills from the same enemy team. Here is how:

  • During a fight, purposefully knock enemies but do not thirst them.
  • Once 2-3 players on a team are knocked, disengage and reposition.
  • Wait for the enemy team to revive their teammates. Allow them to heal up too.
  • Push again once they are full strength. Focus on knocking the enemies you already knocked once earlier.
  • Repeat as needed, letting the team revive and heal in between your squad's attacks.

This strategy essentially uses the same team as a kill farm to pad your squad's totals. Just be careful not to wipe them fully on accident. It's risky but can work when done properly.

Executing the Strategy

Here are some final tips for flawlessly executing this high-kill, Teamwork badge strategy:

  • Squad up with coordinated friends. Randoms likely won't work well. Use mics and callouts.
  • Agree on a designated shot caller/in-game leader. Have a plan before you drop in.
  • Legends like Bloodhound, Crypto, and Valkyrie provide scouting and intel to find enemies.
  • Have secondary fraggers follow up the main damage dealer focusing each enemy. This prevents kill stealing.
  • Thirst knocks whenever safe to ensure you get credit for the kill.
  • Reset and repeat if your first attempt doesn't work. Don't give up!

With the right team, smarts, mechanics, and a bit of luck, these tips will help you clinch the coveted Teamwork badge. Now grab your best squadmates and go dominate in Apex Legends!

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