How to get 20 kills badge in Apex Legends

Apex Legends

The badges are the perfect way to show off your skills, experience, records and achievements in Apex Legends.

In this article we'll give you some tips on how you can get one of the rarest and most difficult badges - the 20 kill badge. The point of this one is that you'll need to kill one third of all the players on the map. That's a really big amount that even professionals can't handle sometimes. That's why 20 bomb badge is valued so highly in the Apex Legends' community.

Here are some tips that are sure to help you achieve this difficult goal.

Play With Good Players

Since 20 kill badge is a really tough achievement, it is advised to have a team of skilled players who not only have a good aim, but also a good understanding of the game and its mechanics.

How to find these players? For example, on thematic forums and discord servers. You can coordinate with these players to have them leave your opponents with a small amount of HP, allowing you to finish them off and add a +1 kill to your piggy bank.

By the way, we also advise you to play in trios, not duos. The more players you have, the more chances that your opponents will be distracted, and you, at this time, will be able to kill your enemies in the back. If there are two of you in a team, or if you are alone, it becomes much more difficult.

Use Meta Weapons

In order to increase your chances of killing your enemy, it is highly advisable for you to use powerful and actual guns. Yeah, we understand that you might like to have fun with something like P2020, but this one will definitely not bring you victory. The point is that you can't get a 20 bomb badge with it.

But you can do that with Kraber, R-301, L-Star, and VK-47 Flatline. These guns are the best. Why? Let's analyze the features of each weapon to consider this question closed:

  • • The Nemesis AR is a four-shot rifle that uses energy ammunition and can have cool upgrades, making it a great weapon for both ranged and melee combat. What's more, this weapon has the unique ability to keep firing in bursts when the left mouse button is held down.

  • • The R-301 is a true Apex Legends classic and your trusty friend in getting 20 kill badge. The R-301 and its ammo are very easy to find on the ground or in containers. The rifle has a high rate of fire, and recoil control with the blue modifications is easy. The R-301 is suitable for both close-range and long-range firefights.

  • • The Peacekeeper is an extremely powerful and dangerous short-range shotgun. It can kill an enemy in just two shots, and its magazine is enough to take out the entire enemy team at once. Perhaps the only drawback of this beast is its low rate of fire.

  • • The VK-47 Flatline is a worthy competitor of the R-301. This weapon deals 33 points of damage with a headshot and 19 points of damage with an accurate body shot. There are only three modifications on the VK-47: an enlarged magazine, a telescopic sight and a buttstock. The maximum magazine capacity is 30 rounds, which is enough to kill even a well-armored enemy (of course, if you have a good aim).

Train More

If you want to get 20 kill badge, that is one of the most difficult achievements in the game, you need to meet such a high level. Train your personal skill.

We are talking not only about being able to shoot extremely accurately, but also to be able to strafe properly and understand the mechanics of the game. You've noticed that the pros often take Pathfinder, right? They do it for a reason. This one has a grappling hook, which allows him to take extremely advantageous positions by flying over the heads of his opponents. Creativity is the key to getting this achievement, because if you attack your opponents from unexpected places, they definitely won't be ready for it.

Create a New Account

If you don't care which account you use to get the 20 bomb badge, you can create a whole new account to make it easier to get this achievement. How does this work? When you create a new account, the system defaults to counting you as a newbie and will send you to lobby with other newbies (and in some cases even bots). This is a great way to get this challenging achievement, because if you play well, you shouldn't have any trouble dealing with newbies and killing them all.

Sure, it's not exactly an ethical way to do it, but it's a workable way.

But you need to keep in mind the fact that you won't be the first and only player to do it. Apex Legends has a fair number of smurfs that will give you heat in this low skill pool.

Land in Crowded Areas

The best and most proven way to score a lot of frags in a small amount of time is to land in areas where there are usually a lot of people. There are a lot of maps in Apex Legends and you may not know exactly where to land, so if you're unsure, aim for the biggest areas on the map. This is usually where the largest number of players are present. If everything goes according to plan, and you don't die in the first few minutes, you will definitely make at least 5-10 kills!

Just Buy a 20 Kill Badge

Already had time to apply all the tips described in this article, but nothing worked? That's okay.

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