Deadlock All Abilities Explained - New Valorant Agent


Valorant has once again stirred the gaming world with the release of its brand-new agent, Deadlock. As a Sentinel character, Deadlock has unique abilities that can significantly influence gameplay. This guide will dive deep into all of Deadlock has abilities, explaining how they function and potential strategies you can adopt to maximize their effectiveness.

Barrier Mesh

Deadlock's primary ability, the Barrier Mesh, is an innovative and potentially game-changing addition to Valorant's arsenal. Players can equip a Barrier Mesh disc and fire it forward, and upon landing, the disc generates barriers from the origin point, effectively blocking character movement.

While not much is known about the longevity or durability of these barriers, their unique properties certainly make them a vital strategic tool. Unlike Sage's wall, projectiles can pass through the Barrier Mesh, suggesting players must adapt to a new dynamic. Another distinguishing feature is that the Barrier Mesh forms an X shape, which can be used to effectively cut off specific angles and chokepoints.

Sonic Sensor

Next in Deadlock's ability set is the Sonic Sensor. This is the first ability in Valorant to revolve entirely around sound. When equipped and fired, the Sonic Sensor monitors an area for significant noises such as footsteps or weapon fire and then concusses that area if such noises are detected.The Sonic Sensor presents a new kind of trap. It won't be activated by the mere presence - an enemy can crouch through it unharmed, but making noise will trigger it. This intriguing ability adds another layer of depth to the game, forcing players to be even more conscious about their noise levels.


The Gravnet is another intriguing ability from Deadlock's repertoire. Equipping and firing the Gravnet grenade slows down enemies caught in its blast, forcing them to crouch or move slowly. This ability effectively acts as a control tool, allowing Deadlock to dictate the pace of engagements.

While the Gravnet might be less effective in higher-level play, where players typically aim for headshots, it could create chaos in lower ranks, where body shots are more common. Its introduction to the game could make lower-rank matches more unpredictable, adding an extra layer of fun to gameplay.


Finally, we come to Deadlock's ultimate ability: Annihilation. This ability traps enemies in a cocoon from which they cannot escape on their own, relying on their teammates to destroy it. The trapped player is eliminated from the game if the cocoon is not destroyed in time.

There's still much to discover about Annihilation, such as whether it can capture more than one person at a time or manipulate its range. At first glance, it may seem like a weaker ultimate ability, but its effectiveness may vary greatly depending on the game situation and the competence of the trapped player's team.

Closing Thoughts

Deadlock has entered the Valorant roster with a distinct style and unique abilities, promising to shake up the game dynamics. As with all new characters, the true potential and effectiveness of Deadlock will be revealed only when players start using him in ranked matches.

However, Deadlock's aesthetic, voice acting, and unique abilities have already earned him an eager following among fans. His introduction again emphasized that each new character, buff, or nerf in the game indirectly affects every other character, constantly reshaping the meta.

As players, staying adaptable and learning how to use these changes to our advantage is important. Deadlock's abilities have opened up new strategic possibilities, and it's up to us to explore them and discover how they can enhance our gameplay. As we dive into this exciting new era of Valorant, we look forward to seeing how Deadlock's unique abilities will play out on the battlefield.

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