How To Get Kingdom Credits in Valorant


Valorant has been around for a while now and much has changed, some welcome and others not so much. With the launch of Episode 7, we now have an all new Valorant progression system that pushes us to earn Kingdom Credits (KC). These juicy Credits will let you access all the great unlockable content in-game, including the vibrant new Accessories Store. In essence, you’ll need a bunch of KC to gain access to Agents, Agent Accessories, and Battle Pass Accessories.

How to get Kingdom Credits in Valorant

Riot bestowed upon us a grand total of 5000 Kingdom Credits as a welcome gift. But after this quota is met, we must grind hard to earn these Credits for ourselves.

Before you search for your wallet, know that Kingdom Credits are absolutely free! That’s right, this Currency is awarded to players who put in hard work, time and effort for Valorant. As of now, there’s no way to buy Kingdom Credits either, so start saving up!

The process to get Kingdom Credits isn't that tough either. For most players, they just need to play Valorant. Below are the main methods you can abuse to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant:

Play Valorant Matches

Short, sweet and to the point. You can earn Credits by playing any of the Game Modes, except for Custom Games. Remember: the amount of Kingdom Credits you earn will depend on the specific game mode you’ve played. Here’s a breakdown of the amount of Kingdom Credits in Valorant you can gain per game mode:

Game Mode Rounds Won Rounds Lost Full Game Participation
Unrated 4 KC 2 KC -
Competitive 4 KC 2 KC -
Swift-Play 4 KC 2 KC -
Premier 4 KC 2 KC -
Spike Rush - - 20 KC
Escalation - - 15 KC
Normal - - 15 KC

P.S. playing Spike Rushes or Death Matches will yield you 150 Credits per 1 hour of playtime on average.

Do your Dailies

While Valorant did have its own Dailies, they stayed under the radar. They've gotten a partial revamp with the start of Episode 7, meaning you no longer need to complete specific and tedious tasks to get your rewards. Instead, you just need to win Rounds or play Games!

Familiarize yourself with the four new checkpoints, each consisting of four Progress Points. Completing each of these gives you 1000 XP and 150 Kingdom Credits as compensation. You also get a single progress point per Round won in Unrated, Swift-play, Competitive, and Premier modes. Once the math is done, you need to win a total of 16 Rounds to complete all four checkpoints for 4000 XP and 600 Kingdom Credits.

On the other hand, you earn two progress points for each match of Spike Rush, Escalation, and Team Deathmatch completed. You’ll need a total of 8 completed matches to get through all the checkpoints.

Fun Fact: Completing all Dailies gets you an additional 600 Kingdom Credits in Valorant. This will need around 1.5 hours of playtime. You can thus earn 825 Kingdom Credits in the first 1.5 hours of playtime each day.

Optimizing your Kingdom Credits Grind

The best method we recommend to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant with maximum efficiency is as follows: Always finish your Dailies everyday; this massive 600 Kingdom Credits boost obtainable within a couple of matches goes a long way if done consistently.

The following table is a breakdown of the amount of KC you can earn by playing each Game Mode and doing Dailies:

Game Mode Average Games to Complete Dailies Average KC Per Win Average KC Per Loss Average Time to Complete Dailies
Unrated 2-3 Games 64 to 74 KC 48 to 64 KC 70 to 100 mins
Competitive 2-3 Games 64 to 74 KC 48 to 64 KC 70 to 100 mins
Premier 2-3 Games 64 to 74 KC 48 to 64 KC 70 to 100 mins
Swiftplay 5-7 Games 24 to 28 KC 18 to 24 KC 65 to 91 mins
Deathmatch 8 Games 15 KC 15 KC 65 to 75 mins
Escalation 8 Games 15 KC 15 KC 65 to 75 mins
Team Deathmatch 8 Games 20 KC 20 KC 64 to 80 mins
Spike Rush 8 Games 20 KC 20 KC 70 to 88 mins

You can easily get Kingdom Credits by playing Spike Rush or Team Deathmatch. These are the faster game modes and they consistently let you earn Credits within a couple of minutes. Pretty efficient!

The Agent Tiers System

The Agent Tiers System has been changed. Earlier, we just needed to activate a Contract, grind EXP and the Rewards would get unlocked automatically. But now, it's available for purchase via Kingdom credits, all the way up to Tier 10. We used to unlock the specified Agent at Tier 5, but now it gives you 2000 Kingdom Credits for free instead. Moving on, you still need to buy the other Tiers using Kingdom Credits before getting the Rewards.

Below table showcases the amount of Kingdom Credits and Time required to unlock the Tiers, excluding the Kingdom Credit Rewards from Dailies:

Tiers Amount of Kingdom Credits for one Tier Time required for each Tier
Tier 1 2000 KC ~13.3 hours
Tier 2 2500 KC ~16.6 hours
Tier 3 3000 KC ~20 hours
Tier 4 3500 KC ~23.3 hours
Tier 5 Free (+2000 KC as a reward) 0
Tier 6 4500 KC ~30 hours
Tier 7 5500 KC ~36.6 hours
Tier 8 6500 KC ~43.3 hours
Tier 9 7500 KC ~50 hours
Tier 10 8000 KC ~53.3 hours
Total 43000 KC ~286.6 hours

In short, to unlock all Rewards for 1 Agent; you’ll need 43000 Kingdom Credits for all the Tiers. Overall, if you only play 1.5 hours a day, it will take you around 50 days to unlock all the Tiers rewards for one Agent.

If you’re only aiming to unlock the Agent, you just need 8000 Kingdom Credits. This translates into roughly 53 hours of playtime.

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