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Apex Legends Ranked Series 4: All Ranks, Scoring

What Are the Apex Legends Ranks?

Apex Legends

Recently, EA has been implementing many new changes to its popular game “Apex Legends”. Ranked Series 4 changes specifically affect the ranking system, a key aspect of the game. This article contains all those details about the Apex ranking system and more, so read on to find out how to reach your full potential on Apex Legends.

What Are the Apex Legends Ranks?

Apex Legends has six rankings that indicate a player’s skill level. These levels are called the Apex rating system. They are ranked from lowest to highest skill as follows:






  Apex Predator/ Master

In the Apex legends ranking system, each ranking has four levels within itself. For example, a new player starts at Bronze IV, and has to progress through Bronze III, Bronze II, and Bronze I before moving on to the silver rank. In Ranked Series 4, these divisions will remain the same. Apex Legends ranked leagues are what set it apart from other similar games.

Why Can I Lose My Apex Predator Rank?

Before Ranked Season 3, the developers of Apex Legends realized that the Apex Predator ranking was too easy to obtain. As a part of their Ranked league system, they created a new rank called the Master rank to push players to continue playing the game after reaching Apex Predator. Previously it took 10,000 RP to reach the Apex Predator rank. Now the Master rank requires 10,000 RP, and the Apex Predator rank is reserved for the top 500 ranked players per platform. 

This means that even if you've achieved 10,000 RP, but you didn't make it to the top 500 players, you will not earn the Apex Predator rank. This leveling system makes it even more worthwhile to advance tiers in the game. The Apex Predator rank offers rewards that are even better than those of the master rank.

Scoring System in Apex Legends

Players can progress through the ranks by using the scoring system. Scores are tracked through RP, or Ranked Points. How much RP you earn is based on your performance in the match. Every kill will earn you 10 RP if you finish lower than tenth place, 12 RP for 10-6th place, 15 RP for 5-4th place, 20 RP for 3-2nd place, and if you get first place, you will earn 25 RP per kill. (with a limit of five per match). Placing top 10-9 will earn you 10 Rp, top 8-75 gets 20 Rp, 6-5 gains 30 RP, top 4-3 gets 40 RP, the second earns 60 RP, and the winner earns 100 RP. Once you earn a certain amount of RP, you will progress in rank. 

The amount of RP needed to progress in the scoring system varies depending on your current rank. The different amounts here cannot be combined, so the most RP you can earn in a single match is 225 (1st place and 5+ kills). This amount remains the same for all ranks.

Entry RP cost

You will have to pay a certain amount of RP to play a ranking match, and that amount varies by what tier you’re in. Here is a chart of the amount of RP needed per tier.


0 RP


12 RP


24 RP


36 RP


48 RP

Master/ Apex Predator

60 RP

This means that when you are ranked higher, it will cost you more RP to join a ranked match. Overall, it is worth obtaining the higher rank still, in order to gain access to the rewards you get. It is helpful that when you’re beginning at the bronze tier, it doesn’t cost you any RP to join a ranked match, so you can collect some RP before you have to spend any of it to join ranked matches.

Ranked Splits in Apex Legends Ranked Seasons

Apex Legends has a system of ranked splits that were introduced in Ranked Series 3, which means that every season will be split into two different parts. This division is meant to promote people to keep on playing the game, but it can have negative consequences on the players. After 6 weeks, when the split occurs, you will lose all of your progress, and you will lose your tier at this time. This gives you a shorter timeframe to be able to rise through the ranks and claim the rewards from higher tiers.

Soft Reset in Season 5

A soft reset is another concept that was introduced in Ranked Series 3. Due to the soft, or partial reset, players will all see their rank drop 1.5 tiers at the start of season 5.  For example, if you end season 4 in the Platinum III tier, you will begin season 5 in the Silver I tier. 

While this is better than a hard reset, which would drop you down to the first tier, it is still not ideal. 1.5 tiers are quite a bit of time spent playing the game, and it will be difficult for you to rise through the ranks again by yourself.

Rules of the Matches with Friends in Apex Legends

In order to keep all players in a match closer in skill level, Apex Legends has implemented a rule stating that once you reach the Platinum rank, anyone you play a ranked match with must be only one tier away from you. While this may benefit casual beginners, who just want to play against people with their own skillset, this is very detrimental to the players who want to advance to higher tiers, and need help doing so.

Rewards in Apex Legends

Players will be rewarded with badges, gun charms, rank badges, and dive trails that correspond with the tier they have reached. Players who have reached the Master and Apex Predator levels will receive a cosmetic dive trail when the season ends.

Need help with your rank?

Dive trails last for one season, then expire. These items are important to many players, as they show off your rank and your status in the game. 

By reaching high rank, like Master or Apex Predator, you receive all of the best rewards. The only way to ensure that you can keep these rewards for more time is to reach that same rank again the next season, and earn them again.

Distribution of Ranks According to the Results of 3 Series

Here is a table showing the rank distribution of season 3 in contrast with that of season 2.

Ranked Season 3 percentage


Ranked Season 2 percentage

















Master/ Apex Predator


As you can see, there were a lot more low ranking players in Ranked season 3. The medium ranks, such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum remained relatively stable. The very small percentage of Master/ Apex Predator tier players remains the same throughout both seasons. We expect these trends to continue throughout ranked season 4, as it becomes more and more difficult to move up in rank.


Overall, these new changes in the new ranked system implemented by EA add a lot of excitement to the game, but also make it a lot more difficult to increase your rank and earn all the rewards of a higher tier player. Previously, you could just play with a high-ranking friend, and they could help you rank up, but the new policy of Apex Legend Ranked Series 4 has put an end to this. Furthermore, the season splits give you less time to reach the maximum rank, so it will be near impossible for you to do so without any help at all. 

If you really care about your gaming experience and want to rank up in the coming seasons, the best option you have is to receive some help from a boosting service such as our company. We can help you achieve all of your personal goals, despite the ever-increasing difficulty of Apex Legends.

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